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21 Jul '15

Shirts Have Arrived

Posted by Gina Seibel

It is so great to have all the shirts back in stock again. Just so everyone knows, now that we have a loaded inventory again all items ship the next business day after being ordered. After the order is shipped it is typically received two to three business days later. Pretty great huh? We think our turn around time is pretty fast because of our two youngest employees, they really work their pants off.

I know in the last blog I mentioned that I would start sharing random facts about myself and family so that you can know more about KC Swagger, so here is today's nugget. At my real job (not that I don't consider this real, but you know what I mean) I am the creative director for the best chamber of commerce in the Kansas City region. I have worked at the chamber for more than five years and I love designing their magazines and other special publications.

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