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23 May '16

Full Time Tshirt Lady!

Posted by Gina Seibel

I just realized I never made a formal announcement to my friends, so here goes...

This past week has been an emotional but an incredibly exciting one for me and my family. For the past six years I have been lucky enough to work at the Lee's Summit Chamber as the creative director. I met, and got to work with, so many awesome people and business owners. However with my husbands support I have resigned from the Chamber and will be starting a new chapter.

Business owner is a title I NEVER thought I would have, but here goes nothing! Starting Monday my new job is focusing on KC Swagger and spending more time at home being a wife and mommy.

Am I scared? Of course! Am I excited? Like you wouldn't believe!

A big fat THANK YOU to everyone that has shared their well wishes. It is because of my awesome family, friends and this community that I feel this dream is possible.

Stay Awesome!

P.S. keep in mind that besides all of my creations on my website, if you ever need a custom shirt for your business, group, vacation or whatever... I can help with that. No minimums ever.

23 Aug '15


Posted by Gina Seibel

Just realized I haven't posted in awhile, but it's not because I'm bored over here... it's the complete opposite! Thanks to everyone's support things have been going awesome in my family's world.

In case you missed the announcement we revealed our newest design last week on social media. The new KC Arrow shirt. It is officially my favorite. I know, I know, it's not right to play favorites, but how could I not?!

The shirt can't be purchased online yet because I am giving first dibs to everyone that comes to the Big Alley Pop Up Event. The event is this Friday, August 28 from 5-8 p.m. in the alley behind Cameron's Home Furnishings, 26 SE Third Street, Lee's Summit, MO 64081.

There will be seven other vendors, so don't miss out!

Stay Awesome,

10 Aug '15

Heeeeere's Johnny

Posted by Gina Seibel

Wow, that game felt like October! I have loved watching Johnny play his first two games as a Royal, but tonight's game at the K... WOW! To make it even sweeter it was a CG shutout. I have a feeling that one of our shirts might have just became a fan favorite!

Sorry for the short update, but I've got shirts to ship! Love Kansas City so much!

I did get my husband to pose for a picture, so that was also a win for the night.

Stay Awesome,

Here's Johnny Shirt

26 Jul '15

WHOA... Pop-Up Shop

Posted by Gina Seibel

I was so overwhelmed by the support we received at the Pop-Up Shop on Saturday. There was a line to buy shirts... A LINE! You guys are going to make me tear up. It was seriously amazing. Almost as amazing as KC Moose. He was clearly the crowd favorite and flew out the door. I told you he was super sparkly! Look how cute my friend Holly looks in her KC Moose.

Special thanks to Cameron's Home Furnishings for hosting us. Remember, if you need to buy new furniture or home décor, SHOP LOCAL!

Thanks for making my job so much fun!

Stay Awesome,

KC Swagger Moose