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22 Jul '15

Pop-Up Shop

Posted by Gina Seibel

This Saturday, July 25 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., we are having our first Pop-Up Shop. Pretty exciting stuff... but what's even more exciting? We will be debuting our new MOOSE shirt. This little fella has officially stolen my heart, and yes, that is gold GLITTER. Even if you don't need a shirt right now I would love to have you stop by the event and say Hi. The event is at Cameron's Home Furnishings in Downtown Lee's Summit.

Today's random nugget of information: I drive a minivan... a screaming red minivan. Bet you didn't know I was that cool. Good thing I wear my Swagger shirt at least twice a week. It helps balance out the van. Does anyone know where I can get some magnetic flames to put on the side?

KC Swagger Moose Shirt

21 Jul '15

Shirts Have Arrived

Posted by Gina Seibel

It is so great to have all the shirts back in stock again. Just so everyone knows, now that we have a loaded inventory again all items ship the next business day after being ordered. After the order is shipped it is typically received two to three business days later. Pretty great huh? We think our turn around time is pretty fast because of our two youngest employees, they really work their pants off.

I know in the last blog I mentioned that I would start sharing random facts about myself and family so that you can know more about KC Swagger, so here is today's nugget. At my real job (not that I don't consider this real, but you know what I mean) I am the creative director for the best chamber of commerce in the Kansas City region. I have worked at the chamber for more than five years and I love designing their magazines and other special publications.

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11 Jul '15

Hitting the Ground Running

Posted by Gina Seibel

The shop has been open for three days, and we are moving right along! The response so far has been great, so thank YOU! If you see something you like, don't delay. I Heart KC shirts are almost sold out. Shirts will be shipping out to their new owners next week. Remember, I love seeing fan pictures (send them to info@kcswaggershop.com or tag us on Facebook).

Due to the day game today I was able to spend some time designing tonight, and I'm pleased to say that I will be debuting a new design in the next few days... and I think it might just be my new favorite.

Since I never fully introduced myself, I will try and make a point to tell you random facts at the end of each blog. Today's nugget. My name is Gina Seibel (yep, I'm a chick) I am a graphic designer by day and t-shirt maker by night. My husband Jeff offers input occasionally, so don't worry guys I design for both sexes. Jeff "drew" a sketch today that he swears everyone will love. We shall see. Silly guy. That one will still be a few weeks away. I need time to refine his "masterpiece."

Stay Awesome,

09 Jul '15

Here Goes Nothing...

Posted by Gina Seibel


Who would have thought that a baseball team would lead to one little doodle for a shirt design, that would then lead to making a website and selling shirts. Kansas City is so cool.

Me and my husband Jeff (who by the way has been SO good with the kids while I live in our dining room at the computer) appreciate the overwhelming support we have received so far, and are beyond excited to start this journey. Nothing makes me more happy then seeing a Swagger shirt just walking around town.

Should I have waited a little longer to launch the website... probably... but do I ever wait for anything... no.

So as the title says... HERE GOES NOTHING!

Happy ordering! If you have any questions just shoot me an email at info@kcswaggershop.com

Shirts should start arriving in two weeks.